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I want app control of my electronic door lock. How do I get this?

Lock + Module + Gateway = smart!

Make your door lock smart with the Connect Module from nimly.

Install the smart home module in your lock and connect it to the smart home option that best suits you.

Option 1: Connect to the Connect Gateway (sold separately) for app control in the nimly connect app.

Option 2: Use your existing gateway from your preferred smart home provider with support (Athom Homey, Futurehome, Homely and more).

Learn more about compatible smart home systems with support for our locks on the product page for the Connect Module.

Smart home accessories are sold separately.

Why does nimly use an emergency key as a backup solution for their door locks?

This provides you with the assurance of being able to unlock your door, regardless of the battery status of the lock. Emergency keys come in handy if the lock runs out of battery, there is an incorrect installation on the door, or there is a circuit board failure due to vandalism or attempted break-ins.

We recommend storing the emergency key in a secure place that suits you. This could often be a separate key box, at a different address, with a trusted family member, or other suitable options.

How do I use the emergency key on my electronic door lock?

Insert the emergency key and turn it 90 degrees so that it is horizontal in the cylinder. Pull down the handle to open the door.

It is normal if the key does not encounter resistance and can be turned freely within the cylinder on certain models.

I have forgotten my master code and want to reset my lock. How do I do this?

Refer to the product guidance page or contact our customer service to request the reset procedure for your electronic door lock.

The procedure is mostly the same for all our products:

– Remove the battery cover and take out the batteries.
– Unscrew the inside unit (two screws in the battery holder and one at the bottom of the lock).
– Pull the inside unit off the door, but leave the wire from the outside unit to the inside unit connected.
– Turn the inside unit towards you, insert the batteries, and press and hold the gold-colored reset button on the circuit board.
– After a few seconds, the lock will emit a long beep and a green blink – the lock is now reset.
– Verify that the lock is reset by checking that the factory code 123# can be used. Start from the beginning with new codes and other accesses, as instructed in the programming manual.

It is important to have the emergency key available during disassembly and function testing. Always test the lock after installation. Remember to safely store the emergency key outside your residence.

What is a hook bolt?

It is a hook-shaped construction in our mortise for front doors, forming a barrier between the door and the door frame. It is triggered automatically when the door is closed, providing increased security in the event of a potential break-in attempt or similar, compared to a traditional lock. As a result, you may experience a slightly longer travel in the door handle, as the hook bolt follows the rotational movement in the mortise.

How do I turn the latch bolts on the mortise to make it fit properly for my door?

Remove the front plate on the mortise and rotate the latch bolts as needed, so that the inclined side is oriented towards the doorframe.

I want an electronic door lock for my front door, how do I know if it will fit?

Our mortise is compatible with both right- and left-hinged doors according to the Scandinavian standard (SS 817375:2018) for front doors.

The thickness of the door must be a minimum of 5cm and can be as thick as 9cm without adjustments.

Jeg ønsker elektronisk dørlås for min innerdør, hvordan vet jeg at den passer?

Our mortise is compatible with both right- and left-hinged doors according to the Scandinavian standard (SS 817382) for interior doors.

The thickness of the door must be a minimum of 3cm and can be as thick as 7cm without adjustments.

How does my door lock alert me when the battery level is starting to get low?

It emits several rapid beeps during re-locking. Refer to the manual for your specific electronic door lock for a detailed description.

Where can I store my emergency keys?

It is up to you to find a secure storage location outside your residence that is most suitable for you. This could be in a keybox, in the car, in the garage, or another property or vacation home you own.

What should I do if my electronic door lock runs out of battery?

Retrieve one of your emergency keys and manually unlock the door lock. Emergency keys should be securely stored outside your residence as instructed.

Replace the batteries with new batteries according to the same specifications.

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