A home full of life. A home full of safety.

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nimly has equipped the lock with smart features and possibilities for your everyday life. We have the locks you need to create both more security and a simpler life, starting at the door.

Welcome home!

nimly develops solutions for those who want simpler ways of living with smart locks, while getting a safer home at the same time. Not just because it’s fascinating technology, but because it creates simplicity, security, and possibilities. nimly is part of RCO Security AB, owned by Axel Johnson Group. We have been active in Scandinavia, manufacturing locks tailored to our climate conditions and demands since 2009. We want it to be easy to leave home and still have control over the door even when you’re not there – and it should be comforting to come home. Let in the neighbor, the kids, grandpa, or the delivery with your mobile, if you need to. Welcome to a smarter home.

“nimly makes your home accessible to those you want, and inaccessible to everyone else.”

nimly wants to do more than just lock and unlock

nimly is about more than just locking and unlocking. We want to contribute to creating homes where family and friends have great flexibility to come and go, easily and smoothly, while making the home safer than ever.

nimly is growing

We are looking for new talents to join our constantly growing team. Do you feel that you can contribute with your personality and skills? Do you have a good understanding of our products and what we do? Shall we connect?

A part of something greater

We are a part of RCO Security AB, owned by the Axel Johnsongruppen. Together with RCO Security, Dinbox, and Swedlock, we constitute the RCO Group. In your everyday life, you will encounter solutions from RCO Group everywhere – from the entrance of apartment buildings to smart homes, within the public sector, and across companies in all industries. Smart security for every place where both security and accessibility are essential. Together, we strive to provide innovative and reliable solutions that meet the needs of today’s society.

Do you have any concerns to talk about?

Whistleblowing involves raising an alarm in case of suspicion of serious misconduct in a work-related context. We encourage those who suspect serious misconduct within the company to report it through the whistleblowing function. As a whistleblower, you can always choose to remain anonymous, and cases are handled confidentially through RCO’s external partner, Interaktiv Säkerhet.

The whistleblowing function aims to provide an opportunity to report serious misconduct in a secure manner, ensuring that these issues are addressed as effectively as possible. Additionally, it aims to offer extended protection for the person reporting. We guarantee that your case and identity will be treated confidentially, and you are also protected against retaliation.

Who can report? Anyone can report—whether you are an employee, supplier, customer, or entirely external. Note that you are covered by whistleblower protection before, during, and after leaving the organization. We encourage reporting discrepancies primarily through the regular reporting process, such as to colleagues, immediate supervisors, or members of the management team. For suppliers, customers, or entirely external individuals, you are also welcome to contact someone in the company’s management team first.

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