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nimly in commercial use

The perfect addition for your rental properties. Make your Airbnb, apartment, summer home, cabin, cottage, or other properties more accessible for you and your guests.

“Hi Hanna! 😊 your code to the
apartment is: 6465. Enjoy your stay!”


Take control over all your rental properties

No more physical handover of properties, waiting guests or lost keys.

Keyless handover

No more waiting on guests to arrive. Better the experience for both you and your guests with keyless entry and handover of your rental properties.

No more missing keys

Enjoy the simplicity of technology to your rental business. With digital access, there are no keys for your guests to loose during their stay.

Better control

Grant guest access to your properties, create named users for your visitors and cleaners, and track your guests’ safe arrivals in the access log. You can also change codes for your guests as needed. Full control. Always.


Commercial terms for nimly

When can I use nimly for my commercial needs?

Our products are developed for private homes and rental properties. This allows you to utilize nimly at your home, villa, apartment or cottage, even if its for commerial use for rental properties like; AirBnB of your apartment, summer homes, cottages or similar.

What commercial needs is nimly suited for?

If you’re renting out properties where the usage is similar to that of a private home, then nimly may be a great fit for your needs.

When should nimly not be used?

High-demand commercial settings. If you require a system designed for high-volume commercial use (corporate buildings, heavy trafficed entrances or similar), nimly may not provide the necessary scalability or features.

What warranty applies to my commercially used lock?

12 months from purchase.

Who might need a corporate agreement with us?

Larger rental operations might benefit by having a plan with us and integration to a supported booking system. Enable the possibilty to add up to 399 guests to each lock.

Discover the solutions nimly can offer your business

We have concepts for access management, booking integration, and more for businesses. Relevant for rental and property managers, landlords, or anyone managing multiple doors at their rental properties.

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