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Touch Pro Ultimate Black

Touch Pro, in an all-black design.
Sleek smart lock in Scandinavian quality with fingerprint reader, touch panel, code function, key tags, easy installation, and the option to connect to a smart home system.

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Smart locks for simplicity and improved security – even from a distance.

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Have a great day!

We believe that a smart lock should create a simpler life. Not just when you leave or come home.





Leave home and the door locks automatically after you.
The delivery with the new sofa calls and says they’ll be there in 15 minutes. You are at the office. No problem, you unlock with the nimly app.
Grandpa is babysitting. He lets himself in with his fingerprint and texts you that it’s a clever lock.
Don’t need to put down the bag or search for your keys. Use your finger, unlock, breathe out. You’ll make it to soccer practice.
Let in the neighbor who urgently needs to print a ticket. He gets a temporary code.

Discover the solutions nimly can offer your business

We have concepts for access management, booking integration, and more for businesses. Relevant for rental and property managers, landlords, or anyone managing multiple doors at their rental properties.

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nimly connect makes everyday life simpler.

Unlock or lock the door, check the access log, receive notifications about who just came home, schedule when the door should be open or locked, and provide guest access in real-time. With the nimly app, you control the lock from your mobile.

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