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Are you interested in selling nimly products, becoming a professional installer, or offer smart home solutions with us? Let`s collaborate!

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A growing market

It is estimated that the market for our products is expected to grow by 25-30% over the next three years. The growth is primarily driven by the increasing demand for IoT and smart home solutions. We are focused on developing products that fit into smart homes, particularly those related to doors.

Quality products and a robust organization

nimly is a Nordic lock company that was founded in Gran on Hadeland in 2009. The company’s focus areas are product innovation and quality. With our owner RCO (which is owned by Novax, a part of the family company Axel Johnson AB) backing us, we continue to grow and evolve alongside our partners.

You & nimly

nimly offers solutions that are attractive for both households and businesses. We are currently looking for more partners who can help us manage the growing demand.

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The Benefits of a Partnership

  • We have the simplest installation process. As a reseller, it’s reassuring to know that consumers can easily assemble our do-it-yourself products on their own.
  • Many consumers are still hesitant to let an electronic device control access to their homes. You can offer consumers the security and convenience of having a spare key placed outside the home, allowing them to access it regardless of the device’s battery status.
  • We take pride in our customer support department and even encourage retailers to forward customer inquiries to us. We do this to alleviate the burden on you as a retailer and ensure that customers receive expert customer service.
  • nimly is a company in rapid international growth with ambitions to position itself in the smart home market. Join us on the journey!