You don’t know how liberating it is to be without house keys until you actually experience it.


Family with a 1-year-old daughter. / Young family in the countryside

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A keyless everyday life.

You don’t know how wonderful it is to not have to think about house keys until you actually experience it. This is especially true in a slightly stressful and chaotic everyday life with a newborn baby, like ours. When I have the baby in my arms and enter through the door at home, it’s much easier with nimly.

For us, it was an unexpected bonus that the digital door lock made life as new parents easier.

I don’t have to remember where I left the key before leaving home and avoid discovering that I left the key in the car. In our previous home, we had a regular lock, and we used to hide a spare key under the doormat or in the doghouse, but that didn’t feel completely secure. Everyday life has simply become a bit easier now when it comes to entering and leaving the house. Good friends, our parents, and my siblings often drop by. When the baby was a newborn and we had visitors, it was nice that they could have their own guest code so we didn’t have to open the door while taking care of the baby. We’ve actually just gotten a cat, and we think it won’t be a problem if someone stops by to feed her while we’re away next summer.

We would definitely install the same type of lock again if we were to move to another place now. I can’t imagine going back to a regular key. The lock has also made us more curious about smart homes in general. It’s definitely a home upgrade I can wholeheartedly recommend. All our guests love the lock, so, it’s not just us who have come to appreciate nimly.


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