I have just bought a similar lock as a Christmas present for my father.


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Never going back!

I don’t need house keys anymore. That pretty much says it all. The nimly lock has made life easier, and I really appreciate the flexibility. You avoid the stress of searching for keys or worrying about losing them. I will never go back.

It’s very convenient not to have to be at home when someone is picking up or delivering something.

My father often stops by when I’m not home to pick up tools and such. Now I don’t need to keep track of him, or rather, the keys he used to borrow. In fact, I bought a nearly identical nimly lock for him as a Christmas present, the latest version with a fingerprint reader. I’ve also used temporary codes for contractors who were working on my house renovations a few years ago. Not having to be home when the contractors arrive is, of course, a huge advantage.

Now I’ve become so accustomed to the lock and all the benefits it provides. There are many of them, but honestly, none of them have surprised me. I did thorough research before switching to a smart lock from nimly. The fact that the quality itself seems more robust than I dared to hope for is worth mentioning. I can certainly recommend switching to the same solution, but I must admit that I am curious about the latest nimly models.


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