Touch Pro – Smart door lock with fingerprint reader

Sleek smart lock in Scandinavian quality with fingerprint reader, touch panel, code function, key tags, easy installation, and the option to connect to a smart home system. / Product / Touch Pro

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A door lock for a smarter home

Touch Pro is a smart lock that makes it easy to come and go without having to think about keys. Fingerprint reader, code, and key tag (+ backup key) provide you extra security and flexibility.

One door lock – multiple locking technologies

Smart locks offer many advantages. With both code, key tag, and fingerprint, it becomes easier than ever to unlock your home. Additionally, you can control the lock with our own nimly app or other smart home systems.

Easy installation

You can easily install Touch Pro yourself. No drilling is required, and you can choose the direction of the handles for your door, depending on whether the door is right- or left-hinged.

Ready for the
smart home

Our locks are prepared for smart home systems, allowing you to unlock and grant access remotely and receive notifications about who is coming and going in your home. If you use the nimly app, you need the app accessories Connect Module and Gateway Gateway. If you use another smart home system, you only need the smart home module and your existing gateway.

Ultimate Black

Outside unit

Inside unit


Outside unit

Inside unit

Have a great day!

We believe that a smart lock should create a simpler life, not just when you leave home or return.





Leave home and the door locks automatically after you.
The delivery with the new sofa calls and says they’ll be there in 15 minutes. You are at the office. No problem, you unlock with the nimly app.
Grandpa is babysitting. He lets himself in with his fingerprint and texts you that it’s a clever lock.
Don’t need to put down the bag or search for your keys. Use your finger, unlock, breathe out. You’ll make it to soccer practice.
Let in the neighbor who urgently needs to print a ticket. He gets a temporary code.

Additional advantages

  • CE-approved and meets general insurance requirements
  • Mechanical backup key
  • Works with both right- and left hinged doors
  • Water and dust resistant (IP65 certified)
  • Temperature range -35 degrees to +40 degrees °C
  • Easy exit function from the inside (inside handle is always engaged)



Inside unit:

224 mm x 45 mm x 28 mm

Outside unit:

184 mm x 45 mm x 28 mm

Color options

Ultimate Black and Black

Power consumption

Up to 12 months with normal use. The battery life may be affected when connected to a smart home system.

If something were to happen, you can safely unlock mechanically using the lock’s emergency key function (keys should be securely stored outside of your residence).


Regular AA batteries (1.5v)


2 years

Smart home

Smart home compatible with the smart home module “Connect Module” (sold separately).
Works with Athom Homey, Futurehome, Homely and other vendors with support.


Touch Pro is certified and approved according to SBSC SSF 3522, lock class 3, and FG. Touch Pro has several security features. Refer to the terms to meet the criteria according to the approval in the manual.


Frequently Asked Questions about Touch Pro

What are the pro functions?

Fingerprint reader that allows you to unlock with your unique fingerprint and the ability to deactivate the inside handle when you are away from your home. (This feature should not be used while you are inside the residence).

Is the lock compatible with my door?

If you have a door from 1985 onwards with a thickness between 50- and 90 mm, 95% of scandinavian doors are compatible with our locks. Our mortise is compatible with both right- and left-hinged doors that are milled according to the Scandinavian standard (SS 817375:2018) for front doors.

How do I install the lock?

Our locks are easily installed by yourself without the need for professional help. Upon purchasing the lock, it comes with an installation manual and all necessary components, all you need is a screwdriver and cutting pliers.

What color options are available?

Choose between an all-black design or steel grey with a black touch panel.

What is the lock powered by?

3x AA batteries (1.5v)

How long do the batteries last?

Up to 12 months with normal use. The battery life may be affected when connected to a smart home system.


with modern locks

With Touch Pro installed on your front door, you take a big step towards a more
convenient and secure everyday life. This digital lock eliminates the need to constantly
search for your keys and avoids the hassle of changing locks if a key happens to be lost.

Touch Pro can be opened using a code, key fob, and fingerprint – as well as through our nimly app
and by integrating the lock into your existing smart home system.
The lock is CE-approved and categorized within lock class 3.


simple installation

We often get asked if it’s a difficult installation that needs to be handled by professionals.
One significant advantage of Touch Pro is that it’s an advanced lock that comes with an easy installation.
All you need is a screwdriver and a pair of pliers as tools.
Additionally, a step-by-step manual is included to guide you from start to finish.

Touch Pro is suitable for 95% of all exterior doors manufactured after 1985.
You can choose the direction in which you want the handle to hang – depending on whether your door is right-
or left-hinged. If you choose Touch Pro, you won’t need an expensive locksmith for assembly and installation.


with smart locks

Where did I put the key now?
You probably recognize that question, and you can likely relate to the stress of running
around looking for the key in the house while trying to go somewhere?

That’s where the great advantage of Touch Pro lies: you never have to worry about keys again.
You can easily open the door by either entering a code – of your choice – or by using your key tag or fingerprint.
This, of course, applies to all family members.

In addition to this, you can also use the nimly app to unlock – but then you also need to complement your purchase
with the additional products Connect Gateway and Connect Module. If you have a Smart Home system,
you can integrate your digital lock with it by purchasing the Connect Module add-on.


gives an aesthetic uplift

Are you concerned that your digital lock will feel out of place against your door and overall facade?
You don’t have to be. Despite being advanced technology, Touch Pro comes in a discreet, sleek, and classic design.

Our ambition has been to develop a digital lock that not only simplifies everyday life and
enhances security but also raises the aesthetic value of the residence.
Touch Pro is available in both a silver model and an all-black one. Which suits you best?


a safer and more secure home

A lock is meant to provide greater security in one’s own home and to keep unauthorized individuals outside.
That’s the basic principle of why we have locks on our doors.
The beauty of our digital locks is that they offer the exact same type of security and safety as more traditional locks
– but with the advantage that you don’t have to use keys.

Perhaps you need to let someone in to water your plants, fetch something from the garage,
or feed your cat and need to leave a key? Already there is an obvious flaw in the security system:
what if someone lifts the flower pot or doormat and finds the key?

With digital locks, you can easily provide the person in question with a code
– either your regular one or a one-time code – or open the front door using your nimly app
or via your Smart Home system.

The lock is made of robust material and categorized within Lock Class 3.


warranty on the purchase

If you choose Touch Pro, you also receive a 2-year warranty.
We are committed to providing our customers with security and reliable solutions.
If there is any issue, we are ready to assist you. Our customer service is available
to take your call at any time and guide you to a solution.

Touch Pro is powered by regular AA batteries, and the typical lifespan of these
is approximately one year. A common issue revolves around having to replace batteries.
Trouble with the lock? Check the batteries first!”


perfect for deliveries

“Our way of shopping has changed. Today, we buy more goods online, and with this comes
more deliveries directly to the door. One problem with this is that the delivery person wants
to hand over the package in a secure manner and not leave it outside the front door.

With Touch Pro, you can open the door via the app and let the delivery person place
the package inside while you’re at work. Smooth, safe, and secure.
Touch Pro is a modern lock for the modern person’s needs.