Touch – Smart lock for the whole family

Sleek, well-equipped smart lock in Scandinavian design and high quality with touch panel, code, key tag, easy do-it-yourself installation, and the option for smart home connectivity. / Product / Touch

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A smart lock for a safer home.

Touch is a smart lock that makes it easy to come and go without carrying keys. Code and key tag (and emergency key) provide extra security and flexibility. Lock class 2A and CE approved.

Code, tags, and convenient everyday living

Avoiding the hassle of carrying keys around is convenient for both children and adults. Touch features modern technology and allows up to 999 unique codes and tags. Grant access to those you want with the help of temporary guests codes when connected to the app.

Easy to install

Touch is easy to install yourself, no drilling required, and you can choose the direction of the handle on your smart lock, depending on whether the door is right or left-hinged.

Ready for the smart home

Our Touch lock is prepared for your smart home system, allowing you to unlock and grant access remotely and receive notifications about who comes and goes in your home. If you use our nimly app, you need to complement it with the additional products Connect Module and Gateway. If you use your existing smart home system with support, you only need the module.

Ultimate Black

From the outside

From the inside

Have a great day!

We believe that a smart lock should create a simpler life, not just when you leave home or return.





Leave home and the door locks automatically after you.
The delivery with the new sofa calls and says they’ll be there in 15 minutes. You are at the office. No problem, you unlock with the nimly app.
Grandpa is babysitting. He lets himself in with his fingerprint and texts you that it’s a clever lock.
Don’t need to put down the bag or search for your keys. Use your finger, unlock, breathe out. You’ll make it to soccer practice.
Let in the neighbor who urgently needs to print a ticket. He gets a temporary code.

Additional advantages

  • CE-approved and meets general insurance requirements
  • Mechanical backup key
  • Works with both right- and left hinged doors
  • Water and dust resistant (IP65 certified)
  • Temperature range -35 degrees to +40 degrees °C
  • Easy exit function from the inside (inside handle is always engaged)



Inside unit:

184 mm x 45 mm x 28 mm

Outside unit:

184 mm x 45 mm x 28 mm

Color options

Ultimate Black, silver/black and silver/white

Power consumption

Up to 12 months with normal use. The battery life may be affected when connected to a smart home system.

If something were to happen, you can safely unlock mechanically using the lock’s emergency key function (keys should be securely stored outside of your residence).


Regular AA batteries (1.5v)


2 years

Smart home

Smart home compatible with the smart home module “Connect Module” (sold separately).
Works with Athom Homey, Futurehome, Homely and other vendors with support.


nimly Touch låsen har ett certifikat för godkänd låsenhet utfärdat av SBSC enligt SSF 3522 Låsklass 2A. Touch har flera låslägen men det är endast i bortasäkert läge låset uppfyller Låsklass 2A eftersom låsklassen kräver att det är låst från både utsidan och insidan.


Frequently Asked Questions about Touch

What is unique about Touch?

Our smallest smart lock ever. The inside and outside units are the same modern size. The button on the inside unit allows you to change the locking state with ease from the inside.

Is the lock compatible with my door?

If you have a door from 1985 onwards with a thickness between 50- and 90 mm, 95% of scandinavian doors are compatible with our locks. Our mortise is compatible with both right- and left-hinged doors that are milled according to the Scandinavian standard (SS 817375:2018) for front doors.

How do I install the lock?

Our locks are easily installed by yourself without the need for professional help. Upon purchasing the lock, it comes with an installation manual and all necessary components, all you need is a screwdriver and cutting pliers.

What color options are available?

Choose between an all-black design, steel grey with black or white touch panel.

What is the lock powered by?

3x AA batteries (1.5v)

How long do the batteries last?

Up to 12 months with normal use. The battery life may be affected when connected to a smart home system.