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Smart lock with touch panel for codes and a key tag reader. Equipped with a mechanical emergency key function that overrides the electronics, with keys for storage available outside the room. Possibility for smart home connectivity (accessories sold separately).

Perfect for dorm rooms, home offices, utility rooms, or other doors that matter to you. / Product / Indoor

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Smart lock with touch panel for interior doors

User-friendly with features such as automatic relocking, camouflage function for your code and more. The always-open function from the inside ensures that the inside handle is always operable from the inside. Unique size that complements the door well and easy do-it-yourself installation. Compatible with both right- and left-hinged doors according to the Scandinavian standard for interior doors. The lock can store up to 999 different codes and 999 access key fobs.

Touch panel for code

Key tag reader

Easy DIY installation

Mechanical backup key