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nimly connect app

With our app, you can easily control our locks. Unlock the door, lock up, or provide temporary access to the lock. Unlock for grandpa, the delivery, the neighbor, or friends, even when you’re not at home. Receive notifications when the kids arrive home from school. The nimly app is compatible with a lot of smart home products from other vendors, allowing you to conveniently gather multiple smart home solutions in one place.

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Register account

Register and log in with your email account.

Control your smart lock

Control your smart lock, manage settings, and set user access in the app.

View an detailed access log to see which user opened the lock and when.

Receive notifications

Receive notifications when the lock is operated and see which user has arrived home

Access management

Create temporary access for guests, contractors, or other visitors.

Set a validity period for the time they need access, allowing the access to expire automatically.

Other products

Add and operate products from other supported manufacturers in your home.

Monitor power consumption and turn the power supply on or off from the app.

Adjust the dimmer

Adjust brightness and turn the light on or off from the app.

Configure virtual devices

Configure virtual devices across different components.

Configure group settings

Configure group settings for supported products and control multiple devices simultaneously.