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Code – smart lock with code panel

Smart lock with a code panel and physical buttons. Open with a code, key tag, or app. Emergency key for mechanical opening included. Works on both right- and left-hinged doors of Scandinavian standard. Developed and designed for Scandinavian conditions.

Smart lock with code panel

Use the physical buttons on the code panel to open with your code, key tag or app. Easy DIY installation. Automatic locking, camouflage function, and always open from the inside are some of the features. Store up to 999 different codes and 999 tags. Lock Class 2 and CE approved.

User-friendly code panel

Multiple unlock functions

Mechanical emergency key included

Easy DIY installation


Frequently Asked Questions about Code

What is unique about Code?

User-friendly code panel that is easy for all family members, guests, and visitors to use. On the inside unit, there’s a rotating knob indicating the locking state from the outside.

Is the lock compatible with my door?

If you have a door from 1985 onwards with a thickness between 50- and 90 mm, 95% of scandinavian doors are compatible with our locks. Our mortise is compatible with both right- and left-hinged doors that are milled according to the Scandinavian standard (SS 817375:2018) for front doors.

How do I install the lock?

Our locks are easily installed by yourself without the need for professional help. Upon purchasing the lock, it comes with an installation manual and all necessary components, all you need is a screwdriver and cutting pliers.

What color options are available?

Choose between an all-black or all-white design.

What is the lock powered by?

3x AA batteries (1.5v)

How long do the batteries last?

Up to 12 months with normal use. The battery life may be affected when connected to a smart home system.


for the modern family

Have you tired of searching for your keys? Most people can relate to the stress of heading out
and realizing that they can’t lock the front door. With modern code locks, you can eliminate
everything related to keys.

Code is an advanced lock that allows you to open the door with a personal code, a key tag, or through the nimly app.
To make the latter work, you need to purchase the additional products Connect Gateway and Connect Module.

Code simplifies your everyday life – while also being a lock system that makes your home more secure.


for Scandinavian conditions

How does Code handle a cold winter?
Our code lock withstands everything from cold temperatures to hot summer days and is also designed to meet our
Nordic climate. The lock is powered by AA batteries, and these typically last for about a year before they need to be replaced.

Unlike traditional locks, you never have to worry about the mechanics freezing, and, for example,
lock oil needing to be used. You get a robust lock system that can handle all conceivable challenges.


Stylish, sleek design that suits most doors

“Many envision that a modern code lock comes in a futuristic design that becomes difficult to match with the door and the facade of the house.
This is definitely not the case for Code, which comes in a classic, stylish, and timeless design that is deliberately understated to be matched
with all types of interiors, exteriors, and architecture.

Our goal has been to combine advanced technology with classic design, and with Code, we have truly succeeded.


provides you with security

Code comes with a lockset that combines advanced technology with robust, secure material choices.
The lock is categorized as Lock Class 2 and is CE-certified.


DIY installation

“A significant advantage of Code is that you don’t have to pay for professional installation and assembly.
Included with the purchase is a step-by-step manual that is easy to follow, and you don’t need to drill into the door to get your new code lock in place.
All that is required is a screwdriver and a pair of cutting pliers.

Code is suitable for both left- and right-hinged doors.
It definitely doesn’t have to be difficult to integrate advanced technology into your home!


convenient everyday without keys

With Code, your everyday life becomes both simpler and safer.
The door can be opened with a code, through the nimly app, or with a key fob.
No key is needed, and it will significantly ease your daily life – especially for families with children.

If there’s a need to let someone from outside into your home – for watering plants,
feeding the cat, or delivering a package, for instance – it’s just a button press away on the app.

Life becomes both simpler and safer with a modern code lock on your front door.


Compatible with most doors

Code is suitable for both right- and left-hinged doors and can be installed on the majority of front doors used in Scandinavia.
If you’re unsure whether Code is suitable for your door, feel free to contact us, for instance, through our customer service.
There, you can also get assistance with other questions and guidance on anything related to your purchase and future installation.


emergency keys included

That you can avoid keys is true with some modification.
Included in the purchase is an emergency key that can be used if something breaks – or if, for example, the battery runs out.
The emergency key provides you with security, and the advice is to store it with someone you trust – and who is easy to reach.


a modern solution

A lock serves an enormously important function in our everyday lives. Thanks to the lock, we can keep unwanted guests
outside and avoid, for example, burglaries in our homes. The lock provides us with protection, security, and peace of mind.
Keys, on the other hand, are considered outdated.

With modern code locks, we can offer exactly the same security and safety as with traditional locks
– but never have to worry about losing or forgetting the key somewhere.

It’s a solution that fits the times and is created to suit the modern person.
Code will simplify your everyday life without compromising your security.