We feel safer
at home, and everyday life has actually become easier.


Family with two children.

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A simpler family life.

We feel safer at home, and everyday life has actually become a bit simpler. We no longer have the feeling of having forgotten the key at work or elsewhere. Additionally, we don’t have to leave a key out or be at home to, for example, let the cleaning help in. We would gladly recommend others to buy the same lock as us. In fact, we are considering getting one installed at our cabin as well.

The children come and go without us needing to worry about keys. We can even see if they have arrived home safely.

It has become much easier to come home. We no longer have to search for keys in bags and pockets to unlock the door. Everyone has their own code, but the fingerprint reader is actually what we use the most. Before we switched to an electronic lock, we often hid the key in a flowerpot or under a mat by the front door. We have auto lock enabled, providing a sense of security knowing that the front door is always locked at night. The question ‘Did I remember to lock the door?’ is a thing of the past. We also don’t have to worry about whether the kids remembered their house key on the days they come home first. Moreover, we’ve just installed nimlys gateway, which can inform us if our son has arrived home at the agreed time. And one more thing: we have no keys that can get lost!

We have a cleaning service occasionally, and during those times, we create a temporary code in the app that only works at the agreed-upon time. Only the children’s grandparents have their own code. All friends and acquaintances who have visited have noticed the new lock. Most people think that the lock looks great even on an front door like ours, with a lot of wood. Another comment we receive is how cool and modern it is to unlock with a fingerprint, that it’s not just a code lock.


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