Welcome to a smarter home – electronic locks make it safer and easier to come home.

With nimly, you have control over the door and can enjoy total security.

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A smarter everyday

Touch Pro
Ultimate Black

Touch Pro, in an all-black design.
Sleek smart lock in Scandinavian quality with fingerprint reader, touch panel, code function, key tags, easy installation, and the option to connect to a smart home system.

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Smart locks have made home security easier.

Smart electronic locks have revolutionized home security, making it both practical and convenient for households.
Our advanced lock systems provide seamless and intuitive access control to your home, significantly enhancing both security and efficiency.

the keys

With nimly, you never have to worry about keys disappearing. All you need for your smart lock and increased home security is a code, key tag, app, or your fingerprint.

Let in whoever you want

This is smart security. Allow others to come and go as you want, when you want. Unlock for a delivery, receive a notification when the kids come home after school, or let in the neighbor to water your favorite flowers. It’s as easy as unlocking for yourself.

Home security and safety

With nimly, you gain increased home security, along with greater freedom and control over your home.

We feel safer at home and actually live a slightly simpler everyday life.
Hanna / Family with two children.
One doesn’t know how nice it is to be without the house key until they actually don’t need it.
Emma / Family with a 1-year-old daughter.
I just bought a similar lock as a gift for my dad.
Paul / Young couple.


Electronic door locks – discover our products.

  • Touch Pro

    Touch Pro

    Sleek smart lock in Scandinavian quality with fingerprint reader, touch panel, code function, key tags, easy installation, and the option to connect to a smart home system.

  • Touch


    Sleek, well-equipped smart lock in Scandinavian design and high quality with touch panel, code, key tag, easy do-it-yourself installation, and the option for smart home connectivity.  

  • Code


    Smart lock with a code panel and physical buttons. Open with a code, key tag, or app. Emergency key for mechanical opening included. Works on both right- and left-hinged doors of Scandinavian standard. Developed and designed for Scandinavian conditions.

  • Indoor


    Smart lock with touch panel for codes and a key tag reader. Equipped with a mechanical emergency key function that overrides the electronics, with keys for storage available outside the room.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our smart locks

Is the lock compatible with my door?

If you have a door from 1985 onwards with a thickness between 50- and 90 mm, 95% of scandinavian doors are compatible with our locks. Our mortise is compatible with both right- and left-hinged doors that are milled according to the Scandinavian standard (SS 817375:2018) for front doors.

How do I install the lock?

Our locks are easily installed by yourself without the need for professional help. Upon purchasing the lock, it comes with an installation manual and all necessary components, all you need is a screwdriver and cutting pliers.

What color options are available?

You can choose from a wide range of color combinations. Choose between an all-black design, completely white, or steel grey with a black or white touch panel.

What are the locks powered by?

The locks are powered by regular AA batteries (1.5v).

How long do the batteries last?

Up to 12 months with normal use. The battery life may be affected when connected to a smart home system.

If something were to happen, you can safely unlock mechanically using the lock’s emergency key function (keys should be securely stored outside of your residence).


nimly in use


Easy installation

A common question regarding our electronic locks concerns the installation.
Is it difficult to install our smart locks and get started with using them? The simple answer is no.

When you invest in a smart door lock from nimly, you won’t need professional help for the installation.
It comes with a clearly written manual that, step by step, guides you through the process of installing the lock on the door.
As for tools, all you need is a screwdriver and cutting pliers.

Our ambition has been to develop smart locks that do not require expensive installation by professionals.
It’s all about a smart door lock from start to finish.


Increases security

A significant advantage of electronic locks is that they contribute to increased security in the home,
with greater peace of mind for you and your family. The question of keys is always relevant.

How many keys do we have as a family, how many do we need, and – perhaps most importantly – where are they all?
With electronic locks, this becomes a non-issue. Losing a key means having to change the lock,
which comes with a fairly high cost. The discomfort of someone else gaining access to the home is also tangible.

With digital locks, you eliminate the need for keys, and with our smart solutions, you can easily open the door for visitors
– even if you are not at home. Either through our app or by sending a temporary code to the person in question.
Do you need help watering the flowers during a vacation, but want to avoid leaving the key under the doormat?
With smart locks, you can let the guest enter in a convenient, easy, and secure way.


How it works

How our digital locks work is quite simple. The locks themselves are powered by regular AA batteries
and may, of course, need to be replaced periodically. Otherwise, they come equipped with smart features,
allowing you to open the locks using a code, key tag, or even your own fingerprint to access your home.

With our smart locks, you can also use a mobile app to unlock the door, and there’s an option
to integrate the system into your existing smart home setup.

Forget about the hassle of traditional keys – with our digital locks, you’ll experience a simpler everyday life,
enhanced security, and increased convenience for both your family and guests. The fact that the locks are
also stylish and designed with the Scandinavian weather in mind is another significant advantage.